A Very Belated Contribution to Voice Week 2014 – DAY 2 – The Way Down

“I’ve found her. I just know it!”

Sam leaned in, her cheek lightly touching her son’s hair. “I’m glad you did, Jake, and now you just have to think of what to tell her when you get a chance to go to her later.”

Jake strained his neck to have a better view, eyes moist. Sighing loudly, he shut his eyes like someone in excruciating pain. “I can’t do it. I’m scared!”

Sam wanted to cry as she watched her boy. Then it was her turn to crane her neck and gaze at the pretty, agitated-looking girl at the other far end of their row.

In front the screen flashed.

“Time to destination – 3:35″

 “There is yet time,” Sam mumbled to herself. “Perhaps she won’t mind putting a smile on the face of my dying son.”


Continuing my story in five voices for Voice Week 2014 🙂


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