Make-Up Quiz

I rushed into the classroom with a couple dozen other students, took the left-corner seat at the back and pushed the chair against the wall. Then I pulled up my pen and paper, ready for the exam. Strangely, when I settled in my place it occurred to me to wonder what the exam would be on. It took all of three seconds for me to remember: this was going to be the make-up quiz for the one we all flunked last week! AND I had not had a chance to glance at my notes again!

I checked the time, four minutes until the start of the quiz. I started panicking as I opened my laptop, desperately looking for my notes. As I did this the door opened, and in came my teacher, declaring the quiz was about the commence. I knew I had a couple of minutes left so I ran as fast as I could past her, straight to the door with my laptop. It’s not time yet, I can go back in a few minutes late, I’d rather be late than start without even the quickest review of my notes!

I found a long table right outside the classroom. As I reopened my laptop a bugle sounded loudly.

I woke up, heart beating hard and fast. I was in bed. The bugle was screaming into my head. My head hurt like crazy.

Apparently I was really, really afraid of this make-up quiz we’re having in my Statistics class next week. Oh my goodness.

Note: This actually happened this morning. My head is still killing me.

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