A Very Belated Contribution to Voice Week 2014 – DAY 3 – The Way Down

She was a princess, Jake was sure of it. In the dim light of the cabin he could almost make out jewels on her hair as she moved her head from side to side.

“Her neck must be tired,” he mused. “I know mine is.” His whole body had in fact been aching for hours, but he was more concerned now about the girl at the far end of his row.

“Mom. Listen. The girl I will marry…” Jake whispered while pointing cautiously to the girl. “I’ve found her. I just know it!”

Suddenly his mom was telling him to go to Her. And as he took another look at Her, his hands instantly became sweaty and he started shivering.

“I can’t do it. I’m scared!”

What he really wanted to say was, “Find a way for me, Mom, please…!”


Third installment for my extremely delayed Voice Week 2014 story 🙂


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