As fate would have it

I kept crossing lines,

crossing bridges,

crossing fingers…

only to end up

here again,

crossing paths with you.



It flies

She often wondered where time had gone. How could it be that she had so little left of it now?

She took another glance at the trail of mess behind her. Every few steps, she’d felt the need to look, as if to take pictures in her mind.

Broken glass.

Crumpled sheets.

Crushed petals.

Spilled wine.

Dry bones.

Oh, where did the time go?


Ah, the screen.

The world’s most beloved.

Just do a quick survey among all the people you can reach in the next half hour, ask them the first thing they look for and stare at when they wake up every single morning.

Chances are, you’re using a screen to do this very survey.

Try getting hold of some sort of timer or monitor and see how many minutes in a day you spend staring at a screen. You smile at it, caress it, laugh, cry, get mad, get into stupid fights and kiss (using emoji) and make up with it.

Ah, the screen.

It’s gotten us all bewitched without our knowing it.


Writing prompt, “Screen,” courtesy of The Daily Post.


I want…

…healing for every single physical illness.

…to remember what an eight-hour sleep feels like.

…to be transported to a deserted island, just for a couple of days.

…to have the luxury to spend my time just reading and writing.

…to have a decent waistline again.

…world peace, and no, I am not kidding.

…to see a big smile on every child’s face and to know that all the world’s children are able to laugh and play.

…to be more useful in God’s kingdom.

…to watch the Zoolander sequel.

…to have a ridiculously long vacation.

Haha, my list is so random.

The randomness does not make it any less real.


Writing prompt courtesy of Language is a Virus.

i want to

I turn my head towards my office window. My curtains are partly opened, to let just the right amount of sunshine in. It’s bright outside, the sky is blue with little patches of nice, light, fluffy clouds, and the gentle breeze is causing a good rustle among the trees. The sound is inviting.

Just a couple of hours ago I drove past the community pool and saw that it had just been cleaned, the water was so clear I wanted to jump right in. The pool’s in the middle of the compound, though. The thought of having to change my clothes, walk to the pool and back to the house and rub the chlorine off my skin afterward tramples all my anticipated relaxation from the activity.

Oh, what I wouldn’t give to be out sprawled on a beach somewhere right now.

Enough daydreaming. Back to work.


Friday Free-Write

It’s 4:47 AM. I’ve had about a full hour’s sleep. I’ve showered and dressed up, and in a few minutes I’ll be off driving. It’ll be a fun day.

Just thought I should do a bit of free writing before going out, sort of a cleansing therapy, I guess. Detoxification. At the very least this is waking my system up. A bit, anyway, and perhaps, I hope, enough to get me through the half-hour or so drive to my first stop of the day.

It’ll be a fun day.

Three clinic stops, a Skype call at 9:00 AM (if I’m awake then and if my internet connection’s good), personal errands, a report to finish, paperwork to complete and have signed by a partner (whom I only hope I’ll be able to track down) for a proposal to be submitted also today, a refrigerator(!) to transport, and a small group Bible study to facilitate at church.

It’ll be a fun day.

God is quite amazing, though. I already know that He’ll somehow be able to orchestrate things and cause the time to be enough. I also know for sure that He’ll sustain me.

So it’s not wishful thinking. It really will be a fun day. I just have to let go and not be a control freak. Things will more than work out. They’ll be great, in fact.

Now off to the streets I go…