A Very Belated Contribution to Voice Week 2014 — DAY 1 — The Way Down

I had known of an impending overseas trip when I signed into Voice Week 2014. I had known that Day 1 would coincide with my actual flight date.

I really thought I could do it, even drafted my Day 1 post right in the middle of my plane ride, which ended up as my inspiration and story setting. But I didn’t even get to submit my Day 1 entry, not until now.

To say that I’m coming late in the game is the understatement of the year. Voice Week 2014 is long done. But heck, I’m still doing this anyway.


“Time to destination – 3:35”

Nina cursed under her breath as she looked away from the screen and shifted sideways in her seat again, this time putting her weight on her left thigh. Her tailbone and lower back were sore as hell, and she sensed a migraine attack looming.

“Ow!” She stifled a shout as bright light streamed in from a window and broke the cozy dimness of the cabin. In her mind she walked over, three rows ahead, and slapped the culprit smack on the face. “Want to blind everyone now? Can’t you see people are trying to sleep?”

She let out a small giggle at the thought of making a scene. Good, Nina, you can entertain yourself. Now go keep at it for three more hours, take the stress off your head.

 She started making up a story about the woman seated next to her.


Now posting…


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