A to Z Challenge: Gregarious Gloria (very late post for April 8)


St. Thomas Academy High School Class of ’96 – Homecoming Reunion
Celebrating 20 years of greatness


Gloria pressed her forefingers into her cheeks and flexed her jaw several times. She looked at her watch. Wow. That had been one whole hour of non-stop smiling from ear to ear, screaming and chattering, shaking people’s hands and receiving bear hugs. Her face muscles feel over-stretched and sore. Ugh.

Thank heavens for the loo! She didn’t need to pee or anything but she had to come here, this was the only place where she could sit in peace.

Gloria closed her eyes and would have dozed off, if not for the noisy, giggling new arrivals.

On with the show then.

When she opened the cubicle door, she found Sheila and Naomi touching up in front of the mirror.

“And I can’t believe how fat and bald Tony has….Gloriaaaa!!!” Naomi cut herself off and shrieked at the sight of her.

“Naomi! Sheila! Oh my, oh my, look at these beauties!” Gloria shrieked back and hugged her old classmates, even as she inwardly groaned. Her face still hurt.

Just a couple more hours of this, Gloria. You’ll be in bed with your book again, in just a wee bit. Soon, soon.




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