A to Z Challenge: Enterprising Evan (very late post for April 6)


St. Thomas Academy High School Class of ’96 – Homecoming Reunion

Celebrating 20 years of greatness

Clunk, clunk, clunk. Bang! Clunk. Crrrack!

All the rattling and clanking and banging made people stop in their tracks as Evan drove by in his big, red pickup truck. The looks on their faces–some puzzled, others annoyed–made him chuckle, and added to his excitement, too.

He made a mental checklist of the things he brought with him: A hundred and fifty pieces each of souvenir buttons, Class ’96 commemorative shirts in six sizes, mugs, shot glasses, teddy bears, pens and pen holders; and a couple of treasures he hoped to auction off: his dusty and beat-up St. Thomas Bears mascot costume and his copy of their yearbook. It was the only one, to his knowledge, that had the signature of every single member of the Class of ’96. He couldn’t wait to see how much it would fetch!

Evan had spent the last of his savings on the merchandise he’d had produced for selling at the homecoming, he didn’t even get to have his pickup repaired. It was in such bad shape that no one could’ve missed its arrival in town with all the noise it made. Never mind that, he thought. After I sell all this stuff I’ll have enough to start over. 




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