A to Z Challenge: Ambivalent Allysa (late post for April 1)


St. Thomas Academy High School Class of ’96 – Homecoming Reunion

Celebrating 20 years of greatness

Oh. Crap.

Allysa froze at the doorway as she stared at the scented stationery in her hand. The mail had just gotten in. She had practically torn the envelope upon seeing the school logo on it.

It’s been so long. Wow. Greatness. Seriously, they’re expectin’ greatness from everyone? Twenty years. I got nothin’ to show for it. What a disaster. I shouldn’t go. 

She slowly walked into her living room, sank into her couch. Soon she was staring into space.

I really, really can’t go. But oh, my goodness, I wonder who will be there. I would really, really love to see Jason and Linda and Sharon and Candace. Oh, and Tracy! I can’t wait to find out how they all are, it’s been so hard being away from everything and everyone all this time. And to visit the school, wow, all those memories….

The cat jumped onto her lap, startling her back into the present. She stared at clothes, looked around her apartment. She noted the hall ceiling again, all hanging and ready to fall off.

Oh, I really, really can’t go. Crap. Crap, crap.




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