Nearly Almost Falling

Don’t climb up there, they yelled. It called out to me, though, that ledge with the water just beyond. I reckoned its width was the same as that of my feet. So I pulled my leg up, up until it clung to the railing, and I pushed the rest of my body onto it. From a straddling position I tried to raise myself, but I lost my balance and began tipping to the side of the river. With a mighty scream, Dad came and grabbed me just in time. I started giggling but then I saw the terror in his eyes, and instantly mine filled with sorry tears.

Don’t ever get close to him, they warned. Yet how could I resist that stare and the promises it seemed to hold? So I climbed into his car, leaned back as he leaned in. But then he began wanting more than I could give. I was about to succumb, but as strong as his arms Dad’s words grabbed me. “You have been fearfully and wonderfully made.” So I got out, just in time, eyes steady.

Don’t think you can live on that, Mom said with a shake of her head. I just knew I had to give it a shot, though. So I quit my job and started writing. Day in and day out I turned my posts in, but for weeks on end I got nothing back. I was preparing my humiliated daughter speech when a check came in from the mail. “Can’t give up just yet,” was Dad’s accompanying note. So I pressed on, eyes on the goal.

Don’t lose hope, they all advised. Looking at him, however, made me half-wish that the machines would stop working so his pain would just end. That night I raised my head up, as if seeing through the concrete all the way to heaven, ready to curse it with all I had. But then Dad lifted his arm–not as strong but having the same hold over me as when I was seven–and he touched my hand, whispering, “In Him all is well, all fear is gone.” My eyes became transfixed on him, and then above, all pain and confusion quenched.


Credits to The Daily Post for the one-word prompt, Edge, and the week’s discover challenge, Snapshots.


3 thoughts on “Nearly Almost Falling

  1. Beautiful. And a challenge. Because sometimes it’s so hard. Then a friend (like you) shares the message this old heart needs. Than you!

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