All Grown Up

“It had been a long fight.”

She stared up from her chair. She didn’t even recognize this guy. Who was he to tell her, like she didn’t know?

“Yes, it had been. Thank you for the information.”

The man drew back for a second, stunned by her sharpness. Then he recovered and gave her a patronizing, sympathetic smile before walking away.

She hardly remembered any of the others who kissed and greeted her. Yes, I’m okay, please go ahead, I’ll just stay here a bit more, thank you, thank you again… She lost count of how many times she repeated herself, over and over and over.

It seemed to take forever before they were all finally gone.

The grave diggers started tapping their feet, and the driver of the rented car checked his watch yet again. She just kept staring at the grave, oblivious that there were even any people still around.

All her life she had had someone taking care of her. She was her daddy’s girl until the day she walked down the aisle, then she became his girl. They never had a child so it had always been just he and she.

Even in the last months, even when his health had deteriorated so much, he never lost his wits. She had been amazed and relieved and filled with guilt all at the same time, as she still sought his wisdom in almost every decision, every plan that needed to be made.

Holding on to the chair for balance she managed to get up slowly, blew him a kiss one last time.

“I promise I’ll do my best, Danny. I know, I know, it’s time to grow up.”

She smoothed her hair, almost all white now. Then she finally walked toward the waiting car, not daring to take another look back.


Writing prompt, “All grown up,” courtesy of Promptly Written.


3 thoughts on “All Grown Up

    1. Thank you for the comment and the reblog, Lori! The story just popped in my head when I saw your prompt. I was happy to write it though I must admit it made me quite sad, too.

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