A letter to my ten-year-old self

Hi there!

This would be a bit of a shock, but I’m your 39-year-old self, writing you from the future.

I would like you to know something: In spite of all that you are going through and all the challenges that you will face in the next years, you will be all right–no, in fact you will be great! You will thrive, and you will have joy and peace in your life. Would you like to know why?

You will experience fullness of life because you will surrender yourself to Christ. And you will spend your days learning to love Him with all your heart, mind, soul and strength, and learning to love others as yourself. Your life will not be perfect but you’ll have a perfect God with you every single moment.

You will experience much pain, yet you will be a conqueror.

You will be disappointed a great number of times, but never by your God.

You will face many uncertainties, but you will also have an unfailing reason in Christ always to take heart and have courage.

You will find out how weak you are, and also just how strong you are precisely because of this weakness that will cause you to depend every moment on a sovereign, all-powerful God.

You will have many questions that will take long in getting answered, yet you will remain faithful and steadfast and still, knowing that God is God.

You will experience love and grace beyond what you can ever give.

You will find a source of hope that never runs out.

Are you excited yet? You should be! 🙂

Remember to look at this letter every time you feel discouraged or angry or sad.

Hugs and kisses!!!


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