Cuckoo Clock — A True Story

This really happened, more than 4 months ago :-/

taste & see!

Woke up with a start again. Checked my phone:

4:45 AM

Felt a mixture of awe and pride over my consistency: Every morning since I arrived in Cape Town my body had been automatically waking up around this time!

Thanked God for the early start.

Tried calling the hubby: couldn’t be reached. It would be mid-morning in Manila so he must be at work.

Sent an email to my boss (whose room was one floor down) to remind her of our 7:30 AM meeting.

Started reading my Bible, then…I dozed off.

Regained consciousness:

5:30 AM

Time just flew!

But still sooo tired…

When I woke up again I was startled to see 7:10 AM flashing on my phone.

Jumped straight up, ran to the shower, and was fully dressed and made up in fifteen minutes.

Called my boss and got a puzzling answer: “You’re awake now?”

Ran to the elevator, and when…

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