Girl, Overthinking

There’s a voice in my head that tells me my ideas are trite and useless. I have a novel in progress that has been shelved and un-shelved for years now, mostly because I keep getting doubts that it has any value, anything new to say, any potential to move another being. This uncertainty freezes me.

I am becoming more and more inclined to refuse the idea of simply writing for myself, as I deem such indulgence a luxury that I do not deserve. Sure I like simply writing and playing with words, but if something I consider a major endeavor has nothing to contribute to beyond my personal satisfaction, I feel it would be a waste of time.

How do I proceed, then?


9 thoughts on “Girl, Overthinking

  1. I think in times like this we just have to close our eyes, take a deep breath, and LEAP!.Rip off the band-aid. A friend told me recently she was tired of what if’s. You just have to go for it. What’s the worst they are going to say, No? You’ll be back where you started, but you’ll be better because you know. You will be better for it because you will have found the courage to do it once. So the second and third times are then so much easier. Go for it

  2. Ignore the voice. She’s a pain in the butt. Keep going. In the words of my guru, Stephen King, “Let your hope of success (and your fear of failure) carry you in, difficult as that can be. – from On Writing.

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