Friday Free-Write

It’s 4:47 AM. I’ve had about a full hour’s sleep. I’ve showered and dressed up, and in a few minutes I’ll be off driving. It’ll be a fun day.

Just thought I should do a bit of free writing before going out, sort of a cleansing therapy, I guess. Detoxification. At the very least this is waking my system up. A bit, anyway, and perhaps, I hope, enough to get me through the half-hour or so drive to my first stop of the day.

It’ll be a fun day.

Three clinic stops, a Skype call at 9:00 AM (if I’m awake then and if my internet connection’s good), personal errands, a report to finish, paperwork to complete and have signed by a partner (whom I only hope I’ll be able to track down) for a proposal to be submitted also today, a refrigerator(!) to transport, and a small group Bible study to facilitate at church.

It’ll be a fun day.

God is quite amazing, though. I already know that He’ll somehow be able to orchestrate things and cause the time to be enough. I also know for sure that He’ll sustain me.

So it’s not wishful thinking. It really will be a fun day. I just have to let go and not be a control freak. Things will more than work out. They’ll be great, in fact.

Now off to the streets I go…


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