Reblogging this because it’s Nelson Mandela Day!

taste & see!

I have no memory of how I first knew of Nelson Mandela, but I was a teenager when I began dreaming of meeting him in person. In 2007, I received a copy of his memoir, Long Walk to Freedom, signed not by him but by my then-newfound hero Dr. Amii Omara-Otunnu. The book was a graduation present, with copies handed out to me and my classmates at the International Leadership Training Programme of the UNESCO Chair & Institute of Comparative Human Rights.  I thought, then, it would be the closest I’d ever get to meeting the great Madiba.

In 2011 I wrote him a letter, which I never sent, of course, but merely stayed on my blog.

Finally last weekend, a year and a half after he passed on, I grabbed an opportunity to visit the place where Mandela was incarcerated for eighteen years: the infamous Robben Island.


The island, now a UNESCO…

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