Free Writing

I’m supposed to free-write so I’ll do it as best I can, without editing, without minding my grammar, and without having to know where my thoughts are going. I just need to get words out there, to free my mind from my own restrictions and to fee myself from my self-imposed rules. 

I’ll write about my novel, the direction that I want to take it, and how badly I’m faring. I want it tobe inspirational without being trite or cheesy, to be spiritual without being preachy. I want my protagonist to be someone that people can relate to, someone real, someone whose story can give people hope.

I’ve been trying to tell Hannah’s story through the perspectives of the different men who play different roles in her life: her father, her stepfather, her childhood friend, her husband…I don’t know, however, if doing so would undermine her as a result. She may not be as fully presented as I want her to be, and she may end up short of the multidimensional, complex character that I know her to be. I may fail to tell her story completely if I continue with this course.

Or, I may actually succeed 🙂 I’m praying it’s possible to tell Hannah’s story in an interesting way without ending up with a seeming exercise in storytelling calisthenics that ultimately fails in bringing a full, rich content to life. I don’t want to end up focusing on style at the expense of substance. 

Critical here is how I will tell of Hanah’s transformation — by way of a dramatic epiphany, perhaps, or through a gradual course of events? How will I be able to reflect her internal conversion, her change of heart, her enlightenment, from the perspective of another? It seems I have only two options: Either to have Hannah talk about it to someone, or to have someone read her, which would be very tricky.

As I’m writing this I’m getting the notion that my next step should be to start drafting a dialogue, in which Hannah shares of her transformation. To whom she’ll pour herself out, I still have to think over.

In the meantime, may I just say that I suck at freewriting? Almost half the time I couldn’t resist the urge to edit, even at least a little. 

I’msupposed to write 400 words and I’m almost there. Yup, I’m just trying to comply with the required word count at this point. And, I did it.


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