idea generation

Adapting the idea generation tool, “S.C.A.M.P.E.R.” (see, I’ve taken the following brainstorming notes related to my WIP:

  • Change the title? — Do not use the protagonist’s name?
  • Can protagonist’s affair not be with the old friend, but with another character?
  • Give Hannah’s thoughts a voice, not just through dialogue — through letters, etc.
  • Make the narrative sequence linear?
    • Or lessen disorderly narrative sequence
    • Compare: linear vs non-linear storytelling
  • Limit voices/narrators to the current list; do not add any more?
  • Change mother and father roles?
  • Open-ended instead of explicit/clear-cut redemption?
  • What else is like it?
    • Trainspotting (multiple POVs), Rant (non-linear, multiple voices except protagonist), several salvation narratives, Up the Down Staircase (use of various narrative tools: letters, notes, etc.), Ilustrado (non-linear, use of various narrative tools)
  • What can be exaggerated or overstated?
    • Emotions of supporting characters?
  • Dialogues and supporting characters’ narrations can be extended/expounded
  • Audience: Target men and women alike?

I learned about SCAMPER through a creativity course that I’m currently taking through I aligned my course project with my WIP, submitting the following (more or less) draft project exploration statement:

My project is tentatively called,Towards Growing the Filipino Christian Fiction (Novel) Genre. The last decade has seen a boom in Filipino Christian literature, predominated by non-fiction works such as essay anthologies — theological and evangelical expositions — and a few biographies. There currently remains, however, a dearth in Filipino Christian fiction, save for a very small number of works that tackle social themes. I have never, in fact, encountered a single Fil-Christian fiction novel that delves in personal themes. I dream of seeing a growth in this genre, and I would like to take initiative toward this end. This, then, is what I intend to do: Complete the first draft of an English-language, Filipino Christian novel that looks into the life and journey of a woman. For a couple of years I have been writing down ideas and even scenes for my novel, but this time I want to identify a specific date (that is, the end of this course) for me to finish the entire first draft. A basic challenge for me is that I want to present an inspirational story, but I need to be cautious of portraying cliches. I want to be realistic yet innovative in my depiction of plot and characters. The fact that there is very little existing local literature of this kind presents both a challenge of not having much of a benchmark, and a great opportunity to be as creative as I wish to be.

Will keep posting updates of my progress, or even lack thereof 😉


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