So far, so….far

Two months swooshed by since my last post and here I am, already looking forward to the next ROW80 round in hopes of doing better. Some pretty intense developments at the home front kept me from the writing project for a bit, but the important thing is to keep bouncing back, right?

I did accomplish a few things, so I’m happy to report that I’m not getting a zero for this round–just a really, really low score, in self-grading terms. Apart from my single InMon submission, I’m producing two articles this week as volunteer writer for a local Christian non-profit. Plus, I did a couple of firsts, namely: start a reading group, and enrol in a Creativity, Innovation & Change course over at Coursera. Through this course I’m collaborating with a few people for a creativity blog project; I signed up as editor!

So…that’s how this ROW80 round has gone for me. Is it the next round yet?


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