bumps, forks and detours

My novel has barely progressed in the last weeks.

Some decisions I need to make, questions I need to answer:

  • How exactly will my protagonist’s transformation take place? I know what kind of transformation she’s supposed to have, but I need to craft the circumstances around it in a way that will be truthful, natural, seamless and rid of cliches.
  • How will this transformation be told? The thing with my concept is that the story is told in the POVs of charactersother than the protagonist. She never narrates; her voice is heard only in the conversations that she is in. Shall I abandon that concept to be able to relate more effectively and earnestly the story of her internal transformation? Does she end up talking about it to someone? Does an “external” narrator come in? Is it told by one of the other characters? Is it told by way of observations?
  • Are there chapters/scenes that I need to rewrite this early to ease in the transformation of my protagonist?
  • Where on earth is my bloody outline? Little wonder that I’m lost, eh?



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