oil, please…

I’ve gone rusty. Tried a couple of quickie exercises to oil up… Posting my “works,” in raw, un-edited form.

1. Write for Ten

I haven’t written in months. Joined NaNoWriMo last November and a few writing groups, but got waylaid (is this an actual word?) but a number of then-more-important things.

Last night I was reminded of THE VISION: To write Christian literature that will lead people to Christ and strengthen their faith in the Lord.

I had begun writing a novel, my first attempt, and now I just have to get my groove back and push, push, push myself to write on. Do I want to commit to finishing it this year? <pondering, pandering…>

A few more things that I’ve set my mind on this year, all of them significant: our baby project, my MSW thesis, my Dgroup in church, my Bible reading, my two-books-a-month target (so far successful with a book each month), GLC 2…oh, dear me.

No room for idleness then. I have got to work my ass off. And pray like there’s no tomorrow.

2. One Word – “Loss”

Oh, the loss of time…my everyday tragedy as I always end up wasting, throwing away precious minutes doing things that are of no real consequence.

<Taking a bow>


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