connect the dots

Thanks to the motivation from ROW80, my WIP is starting to take shape. Since the last check-in I’ve been able to draft a couple of scenes (see two preceding posts), and have started improving on previously written ones by adding some descriptive text. I felt the need to work on the improvements as I went over my snippets: I was glad to note that I’d been able to have considerable practice writing dialogue, but I also realized my narratives lacked some basic descriptions. For the most part it had been intentional as I’d been determined to follow the “show, don’t tell” principle. However as I organized the scenes and assigned them into different chapters, I saw that descriptions couldn’t entirely be avoided.

So anyway my WIP is coming alive, and with help from yWriter5 I’ve been able to play around with the ordering of the chapters and the scenes as well as see which holes and gaps I should be filling. The task is particularly daunting considering that the storytelling is not necessarily linear, and involves several narrators. Yep, quite a challenge I’ve given myself; don’t be surprised if I soon report about banging my head on the wall in regret over the trouble I got myself into!

This being my first ever novel, I’m learning so much as I go. This week, for instance, my most significant realization is that the beginning and the end parts are much easier to picture and to write than the middle. How Hannah gets from point A to point B is the tricky part, in spite of the broad idea that I had about the experiences she would need to go through to be where she ought to be in the end.

We’ll see how things go from here. It’s all so exciting!


8 thoughts on “connect the dots

  1. Sounds like you’re enjoying the process. Way to go!

    Love that you’re making forward momentum. Keep at it and soon you’ll have a finished novel on your hands. How cool is that?

    Happy Writing!

  2. I love that moment when you feel your craft is getting better, right along with your WIP! There are very few feelings as great as really loving what you’re working on and making great progress on it. Keep it up! And you’re so right about the middle part; sometimes that’s the trickiest for me, too.

  3. sounds like you’re doing well. If it helps my 1st novel has 3 pov characters, working on 2 different timelines and has a background element that runs throughout the story, and yes those middle sections are hard. Keep going and it’ll all come together in the end. Enjoy the rest of the week.

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