before you know it

Time speeds up, and suddenly you’re a dying man.

I gasped for air, knowing full well each heave could be the last.

“Dad, you’re overreacting. The doctor said it’s just heartburn.”

“Oh, don’t spoil my moment, dear. I’m enjoying keeping you here beside me.”

“Dad. Seriously. I’m here now.”

“Wasn’t it just the other day that I ran away from you, and yesterday that you wouldn’t take me back?”

“Well, it is today, and here we are. It’d be nice to know you.” Hannah gave me the sweetest smile that I had seen in all my seventy-six years.

I instinctively glanced at the clock on the wall, as if it counted down my remaining days.

“I guess we do have a bit of time left. Just a wee bit, but it should do.”

She just held my hand and smiled even wider, before kissing my forehead.


Another snippet for my WIP. Writing prompt, “time speeds up,” courtesy of Inspiration Monday πŸ™‚


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