her hallowed ground

She finally picked up on my sixth attempt. Sixth. Damn.



“You disappeared on us again.”

“At least say hello, Ed.”

“Seriously. Everyone was so worried. Your mom was calling all, and I mean, all of us.”


“Did you go there again?”


“You know very well where, Hannah.”

“Uh, not really.”

“That place you always disappear to, that beach.” It was like pulling teeth.

“Listen. I’m home now, right? And I already got a mouthful from my mother. I don’t feel like going through any more grilling right now. In fact I don’t want to talk anymore.”

“Come on, Hannah.”

It took a few moments before she spoke again, sounding far away.

“I rode a bus and went there, yes. I just had to go. I needed time and space to be alone. Okay? Happy?”

“When are you taking me there?”

“It’s not for sharing.”

“But you’ve already told me it’s a beach, I’m sure there are people there. It’s not like you own a private resort or island.”

Again, the silence.

“Okay. Just tell me what it’s like?”

I knew she was picturing it in her head–that she was sort of traveling back, relishing the memory of time spent in that place.

“It’s my hallowed ground. I find peace there, for a little while. It’s…Have you ever tried sitting in front of the sea, just to watch and hear it move and feel the breeze against your face? It’s wonderful.”

“You sounded just a wee bit creepy there. You’re not about to kill yourself, are you?”

“I’m not an idiot, idiot. And you broke my train of thought. I was virtually taking you there.”

“Sorry. Please continue.”

“Pfft. Now I have to get into the zone again.”

I chuckled, glad that the mood was getting a bit lighter. She chuckled a bit, too, before continuing.

“Hmm…where was I? Yes, I just love being alone somewhere desolate, where I can just sit at the beach and bury my feet in the sand, bask in the sun and let my mind soar. Just sit, think and be at peace, without having to talk or answer to anyone. Or to explain myself, as I’m being forced to do now.” I was sure she smiled as she said that.

“Yeah, but five days?”

“One day to travel, one day to shake off the garbage, one day to fill myself up with all that’s good and clean, one day to come to terms with the fact of having to come back home, and one day for that dreadful trip back.”

“O…kay. Well maybe someday you’ll learn to be happy and at peace where you are.”

“You. Telling me that. Seriously.” We both burst out laughing then.


Another installment to my WIP. Writing prompt, “hallowed ground,” courtesy of the writing reader.


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