the multi-POV concept

As I briefly shared in a post last April, as far back as more than two years ago I had begun weaving in my head a story concept, in which the life of a woman is told from the different perspectives of men around her. I’m not sure now whether I’d been influenced by Irvine Welsh’s Trainspotting, but I just knew that was how I wanted my story to flow, regardless if it will take the form of a novel or a screenplay or whatever it was that I would end up producing.

Then Stephanie, the creative mind behind Inspiration Monday, came up with the awesome idea of Voice Week, which motivated me even more to keep developing my initial concept. I experienced first-hand through Voice Week that it could be quite a challenge to tell a story from five perspectives; how much bigger a challenge would it be then to come up with a full, 50 to 100 thousand-word manuscript, presenting several perspectives around one integrating story?

Over the past week, I’ve been practice-writing snippets of this planned work. I’ve also been working on polishing my plot outline and character descriptions.  My main concern, I believe, would be coming up with solid characters and a cohesive narrative, instead of an explosion of fragmented voices and pieces and scattered, incomplete storylines.

I signed up for ROW80, and that community has been so encouraging.  Then next month there’s NaNoWriMo! So it seems that all the possible venues for me to be creative and productive and to meet, interact with and learn from more creative people have already been given to me. I just have to grab these opportunities and make sure that I actually bear fruit.

So, all you voices in my head, I plead with you not to put me to shame. Go to work now; go tell your stories, and tell them well!



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