“Don’t you find it ironic, how she can claim to be a human rights defender, and then behave so condescendingly toward other people? One time I even overheard her saying, so pretentiously, that she always knew this was her calling, that she couldn’t be happy without responding to the call for her to serve. Bull crap.” I still couldn’t believe what happened at work earlier. I didn’t even get to defend myself.

“Hey, watch your language!”

“Sorry. Damn. Ah, sorry.”

“Come on, Jimmy, listen to yourself. Don’t you also find it ironic how much you’re supposed to hate her, and yet she’s all you talk about over dinner with your family?” Ruth forced a smile, but the corners of her mouth were tight as she raised her eyebrows slightly and tilted her head toward little Shelly, who was busy peeling her prawn.

“Ahh. Yes, you’re right. Really, I’m so sorry.  I’m allowing her to get to me too much. But I swear I thought of a dozen comebacks, and really sharp ones, too…”

“Only you thought of them all too late.” Ruth touched my arm gently. “Sweetie, just get over it already. Or just take it as a challenge. She’s challenging your competence at your job, so just show her how good you are. Your work should speak for itself.”

“Yeah, okay. Um, right. Enough of that. Let’s eat.” I could only nod and mumble lest she found out what I was just beginning to see for myself, the reason I couldn’t have peace with that woman around.

Hannah scared me. She had the ability to reduce me to pieces, to make me feel like a lizard.

Man, how I hated her.


Writing prompt, “the call,” courtesy of Sunday Scribblings. This is another scene to go into my WIP 🙂 Know more about Jim here.


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