I’m done with this semester’s research course. At least I’ve submitted my final paper. Now whether I’ll pass is another question, but oh, how I pray that I will! I know I did really badly in terms of meeting my deadlines and participating in the online fora, but aarrrgghh, enough, please.

<shaking self like a newly-bathed doggie> Rrrrrr…whoooh! Just had to get that out of my system. Now I can write, thank heavens!

Of course work will still be there, and I’ve also been neglecting that, not to mention we’re having a little domestic (health-related) crisis at home. But end of semester means just a wee bit more time to write.

Except that it also means I’m drained, beaten to a pulp, dried up like a raisin.

Must. sleep. first. then.

Tomorrow, you just wait. 😛



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