Voice Week, Days 4 and 5: The Big Move

Note: I failed to submit my Day 4 & Day 5 entries to Voice Week 2011! I’m putting them together here though I know this post won’t get into the VW site anymore — I’m just bent on finishing this project anyway 🙂

Thanks again, Stephanie, and thanks to the wonderful writers I met through this project!


(These scenes take place moments before the Day 3 entry.)

Day 4:

“Phew, good riddance!!” The porch seemed to explode in laughter, as Nelly rolled her eyes and dramatically flung her fingers in the air. She had invited the girls over for afternoon drinks, sort of like a viewing party, to “see off” their neighbors.

Nelly couldn’t remember exactly how it happened, but their sympathy for Clarice just wore off over time and evolved into outright irritation. Once in a while she felt a tinge of guilt, especially when she was just starting to cut Clarice off in the middle of the almost-daily whiny calls…But soon she got detached enough even to make widow jokes.

“Oh, I wonder who the new ones are gonna be. Heaven forbid that we get another drama queen!”


Day 5:

“…the green, green grass of home……Yeeehah!!

George sang along with good ol’ Tommy Jones and drove his good ol’ truck into the suburban neighborhood. By-standers turned to stare at the mean, big, rusty machine that roared as it went, and the look on their faces only made George chuckle. “What, you uppity folk never seen a farm truck before?”

Just a few more blocks. He couldn’t wait to get Clarice and his granddaughter out of that clean, white, uppity house. Bryan had been gone too long anyway.

Besides, Martha had been looking forward to having some noise in their little home again.


5 thoughts on “Voice Week, Days 4 and 5: The Big Move

  1. Oh, I love it! You dragged me down with Day 4, but picked me right back up again with Day 5! I’m so glad you posted the rest. It really comes full circle, and it’s a beautiful story. And I’m totally going to link it on VW!

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