Voice Week, Day 2: The Big Move


Clarice scanned her kitchen one more time. It was the last room to be sorted out, and all that remained now were for throwing away: a tired looking pot, some old rags, the now-rusty toaster that had delivered their breakfast almost every morning for five years.

“Mommy, I definitely need a bigger, bigger one!”

Lily’s voice resounded from upstairs through the hollowness of the entire house.

“That’s all you’re getting, Lil, we talked about this!!” Clarice felt really sorry for her girl, having to reduce her toys into what would fit in that box. But she had more urgent concerns; besides, the constraint was necessary.

Dear God, how on earth can we fit ourselves and all we have in that mouse hole?


My Day 2 post for the very interesting challenge, Voice Week 2011.

Sadly I’m over the 100-word limit, again!


13 thoughts on “Voice Week, Day 2: The Big Move

  1. Thanks for Day 2.
    Poor Lily really is struggling with that small box to put all her toys in. Mum obviously has more worrying concerns about the small place they are moving to.
    A great story because it left me wondering things like – why are they having to move, what’s happened, why the urgency?
    Looking forward to Wednesday.

  2. Thanks Mike! Yup, both Lily and mom are quite emotional now, for different (yet the same) reasons. I’m making this up as I go along so some details are still sketchy — not even sure yet who the other voices will be!

  3. This has added more questions in my head, it definitely sounds like the move is not a choice Lily’ mother has taken lightly -well, sounds like she has not had much of a choice. It still is a mystery to why; I’m intrigued to find out -if we ever get that chance…? 😉

  4. ahhh, a move!! very difficult at times…is the family downsizing, I wonder? Or is this a single mom and her daughter??? hummmm I’m intriqued! 🙂 good job!

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