Voice Week, Day 1: The Big Move

Fiona’s head kept popping out.

“Mommy, I definitely need a bigger, bigger one!”

“That’s all you’re getting, Lil, we talked about this!!”

Sighing, her eyes starting to fill, Lily held one hand against the back of Fiona’s head, keeping it down, as her other hand grabbed the plastic lid.

“Sorry, Fionie, I hope you don’t hurt your neck too much. I promise I’ll get you out super soon, okay? Oh, and all you guys, too, of course!”

Lily quickly put the lid on top, maneuvering to get her hand out just in time. With the other hand pushing the lid down, she turned and sat on top, securely closing the box.


Lily’s eyes wandered around her room, where more toys were scattered. Tears filled her eyes again.

“Bye guys…”


Day 1 of Voice Week, and I’ve already violated the 100-word rule, yikes! Sorry, Stephanie!


13 thoughts on “Voice Week, Day 1: The Big Move

  1. Ah, this was sweet! 🙂 A toy box!! Little Fiona seemed so ‘real’ through your MC voice, I thought she was a person being kidnapped or something! LOL Great job!

  2. A wonderful start to your Voice Week.
    I began by thinking Fiona was real – so glad she turned out to be a toy!
    A touch of sadness at the end – wherever Lily is going it looks as though she can’t take all her toys with her. I wonder why?
    Looking forward to tomorrow’s read.

  3. Oh poor Lily! She sounds really cute and conscientious which makes it doubly sad when we reach the end. I too feel there must have been some sort of separation happening –the sentence “…Lil, we talked about this!!” makes me believe that scenario more likely.

  4. Oh, the MOVING feeling! I’m in the process of moving right now, so I can totally relate to Lily. At first, I had no idea it was a toy box she was stuffing, though! Realizing that just makes the story that much more touching.
    Great, authentic voice!

  5. Adorable! This reminds me of when I was little and I felt sorry for the stuffed animals that wouldn’t fit on my bed. But my mom told me the ones in the closet had a party every night, and I felt better.

    Lily’s voice really comes through; I love how she talks to them.

    Oh, and rule schmule! My first piece was 140+ words!

  6. Thank you all for your comments! Yup, Lily’s quite unhappy (as toys are not just toys to them kids, but their very best friends!); however, she isn’t the only one.

    By the way Stephanie, that was such a cute image that your mom painted about those nightly parties! 🙂

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