A to Z

As long as you and I
Both unswervingly remain
Committed to upholding the
Dignity of man,
Even in the deepest adversity
Fear shall not conquer us.
God in the greatness of
His power and wisdom will
Infinitely supply us with
Just the right amount of grace,
Knowing that our dependence on His
Love and faithfulness is the only
Means for us to be victorious.
Neither the gravest
Opposition, therefore, nor
Pain in any form, should
Quell our desire to
Rally as one people,
Single-minded in our determination
To ensure that respect for self and others is
Untiringly fought for and defended.
Vigilance is needed;
We can never afford to sit by as
Xenophobia, self-loathing and all hate
Yank our lives apart.
Zealously, then, we keep watch.

Hmm. That was crappy.
Fun exercise, though 🙂


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