one word: AVERAGE

Another discovery is the site,, which gives you a word to write about in 60 seconds. Does this mean that it prompts unconscious thoughts to be pushed out of a person?

Here’s what I came up with, on “Average”:

Average is something that I wouldn’t want to be. At least, it used to be something that I dreaded becoming. But as I grow older I’m realizing that being average at some things can be enough, if it means being excellent in the things that matter the most in life.

I’ve actually never devoted time reflecting on the word but that’s just what came out. I did, just a few days ago, write of my apprehension about turning into a mediocre worker–but now I think that’s because my work is one of those things that matter, and which I know I ought to be doing excellently.

Speaking of which, I have to sign out now and do my job.


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