It’s become therapy

My latest 10-minute rambling courtesy of Write for Ten:

This day is a strange one. Woke up in a rotten mood, annoyed to death with every joke and comment that my husband made, just tired, tired, tired…Then felt the need to shake him a bit about how he’s really not making an effort to do a basic thing for his health—no visit to his diabetes doctor for three years!!! A bit more lighthearted and the conversation quite nice by the time we arrived at university, then my mood got loads better after listening to that lecture by Professor Hans Rosling (Everyone absolutely has to look him up). Such an effective communicator! I wish I can someday get close to his ability to make economics and statistics fun and comprehensible and practical.

After that my mood almost instantaneously dipped again, and for the last hour I’ve been feeling nauseated and sleepy and super tired and annoyed and hot and uncomfortable and anxious and just grumpy on the whole. The smallest thing can tick me off now…Trying to relax a bit by writing and enjoying these little bursts of an afternoon breeze…

In a few hours I’m taking a midterm exam that I feel so unprepared for. I suppose this is the root of my entire huge, horrible mood swing that’s been around for the last couple of days.



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