Write for Ten

I discovered the site, Write for Ten, and did free writing for ten minutes. Here’s my very rough output:

Today has been a very bad dSay for work. I feel like I cheated for 9 hours, barely doing anything that’s remotely related to my job.

I just had no energy left for actual tasks; I spent everything on an almost-all-nighter trying to review for tomorrow’s exam. I’m just spent!

Yet I know that part of it is really slothfulness still…

So in the process of idling around I discovered this site, and I guess I need to get into this, too, just so I can have a venue for my (mostly?) senseless chatter, a somehow productive–or not that wasteful, I’d like to think–diversion for at least ten minutes each day. Hmm…come to think of it I’m not yet sure how this works; can I post for ten minutes more than once a day?

The one good thing about this is that at least I’m writing. I don’t even have to be mindful of how badly I may be doing it; I just have to write.

I think I’ll post this on my writing blog. Of course I could’ve just gone straight there, but there’s something more compelling about writing with a timer in plain view. See, I’ve actually written more than I normally would i a single post–well, definitely more than what I’d come up with in a usual ten-minute period. A post this long usually takes me about more than twice the time.

Done for now.

One observation (never mind the typo errors): I’m inclined to use pet words, and to be redundant. I guess timed free-writing is a good exercise for surfacing bad habits.


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