Reason drags her feet out the door, into the car and all the way to work, where in pain — the kind that courses through her inmost being — she proceeds to turn her computer on, stare at her monitor and place her fingers on the keyboard. They stay there for what seems like forever.

She has long wanted so badly to get out of this prison but logic always trumps all her emotions, no matter how strong they are. By the dictates of this world, staying is best. She has mouths to feed and the recession makes it totally unwise to take any major gamble.

The intercom on her desk blares, almost making her jump.

“Lia, come in here.”

The familiar, yet still unbearable terror and repulsion seem to penetrate every organ of her body. Tears instantly start filling her eyes, but she tries to blink them away and dabs at her eyes with her fingertips.

She takes a deep breath and pushes the button. “I’m, um…I’m coming.”

Her mumble gives her away. She’s as weak and as helpless as ever.


Writing prompt courtesy of Three Word Wednesday: Drag, Mumble, Penetrate.


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