second gear?

Hmm…been contemplating whether I should cut short my 30 Days, 30 Letters and 30 Days, 30 Songs projects to “level up,” so to speak, and focus on more serious writing.

Apart from Inspiration Monday, which I got into very recently, I’m considering investing in two other sites: Three Word Wednesday and Friday Flash. Undertaking the second one would be a particularly huge leap for me, as it would entail posting a link to each story on my Facebook and/or Twitter page.

I’m not sure I’m ready for that. No one I know has ever read anything in this site.

What I’m certain of is that the desire to devote myself to writing has been consuming me more and more in the last weeks. At the same time I have to remind myself that I cannot simply abandon the dozen other things that I’m supposed to be doing with my life; neither should I be spreading myself too thin lest I end up being mediocre at just about everything.

I have to sleep on this and then device my writing attack plan by tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “second gear?

  1. Hey neeks, Three Word Wednesday should be nothing to you as you’ve already been going the three-keyword story route! Will be checking out your stories as often as I can; I like what I’m reading so far 🙂

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