Day 11 Letter: A deceased person I wish I could talk to

I have to sorta skip this one as there’s really nobody “on the other side” that I want to talk to. I suppose this has something to do with my faith: I believe that once somebody’s life on earth is over, there’s no more space or time or opportunity for the ones left here to initiate a conversation, or to catch up, or to do the should’ves, or to undo the regrettable, or to take back whatever’s been said or given, or to bring messages to or ask questions or expect any answers from the one who had gone — that is, until they meet again in heaven or in hell, provided that they’ll end up in the same place.

So, strive as I would to think of someone, anyone…

I must admit though that for a brief moment I thought of writing Adolf Hitler’s mom, just to ask, “Whatever did you feed that boy??!!”


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