Song #7: A song that reminds me of a certain event

I would’ve preferred doing this when I’m in a less surly mood, as I can only think gloomy thoughts now and I’m flipping through my memory files in gray colored glasses. Yet I have to force myself to work on this lest I get another step closer to abandoning this series.

Z and I got into a bit of an argument recently, and as we drove without speaking, EBTG’s Cross My Heart played on the radio, as if to mock me and incense me further by bringing to mind many a sleepless night, from a few years ago.

Ah, the dark ages…

I shook my head quite madly before launching into this paragraph, willing myself to think happier thoughts and to identify a song that reminds me of a particular event. Shifting to a much lighter mood, I’m picking Breakout by Swing Out Sister.

It was my piece for the first singing competition that I ever entered (ha! thanks mom! lol), in our little neighborhood, back when I was maybe 9 years old — imagine a scrawny girl whose mom just told her she was “really talented,” so much that she could be a champion vocalist (For the uninitiated, this is a dream shared amongst mothers of virtually all little Filipino girls). I couldn’t imagine myself singing those difficult, not to mention corny ballads, so I picked this one — yep, I know, I was a cool kid. So anyway, on the night of the contest, there I was, singing while dancing my heart out. I was, of course, in a horrendous, aquamarine velvet skirt and a matching white velvet sweater with aquamarine neckline and aquamarine and fuchsia stripes across the chest (did I just say I was cool?). Loooovely!

The best part of it was that there was only one other contestant: a chubby, angelic-voiced boy who happened to be my mom’s friend’s son and, as I knew, was a very shy kid. So he sang The Greatest Love of All in his wonderful voice, standing as still as a rock, while I sashayed and winked my way to the first prize. The magic of showmanship!

It wasn’t long after that, of course, that I got to accept who was the real singer between us two.

In any case, that’s one memory that’s always quite nice to replay in my head. I’m glad, too, that I got to check out the official video.

It’s actually the first time I’ve seen it, and it’s so much fun. So colorful! So happy! So 80’s!!!


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