Day 6 Letter: To a Stranger

Dear Sis,

I’m writing you again, as after that 3-minute phone conversation last night it dawned on me that I don’t know you anymore, or perhaps I never really did. You’ve been home for a week yet I wasn’t aware of it till last night. I can see now that I am not in your “inner circle,” and I respect that. We were, after all, never really as close as I might have wanted us to be.

I wanted to ask what exactly it is that you’re doing now, and where you are going when you leave home again (which is anytime from today, as Dad told me). If only I had the chance I would’ve wanted to hear from you why you are doing what you are doing, to have an earnest discussion with you of the situation in our land, the plight of our people, the role that each of us is accountable to play in this broken society of ours. It would’ve been great to have a real, honest-to-goodness conversation with you on the not-so-trivial things in our life, perhaps over a few bottles of beer.

I’m continuing to pray for you. I honestly didn’t know what I could or could not, should or should not say to you last night: I was at a loss for words. I just wanted to hug you.

I do wish that I’ll have that chance someday, to know you and to be a real part of your life.

I love you.

Your Ate


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