Day 5 Letter: To My Dreams

To my life’s dreams,

I don’t really know how to talk to you and what to tell you. A lot of you — I am, of course, surveying only those among you that are of utmost significance; I must admit I’ve often abused the word “dream” — have already come true: Being Happily Married; Doing Work That Allows Me to Take Part in a Ministry for the Lord; and Being Able to Devote Time and Effort to Family, Spiritual Growth, and Discipling Others for Christ. The only one among you that hasn’t been fulfilled yet, and that I would really appreciate being fulfilled, is Becoming a Mom. (Okay, there is another one of you, actually, and before you start feeling left out, I’d like you, Writing a Novel, to know that you still are one of my most special pursuits. But I hope you would understand that I remembered the mom-hood dream first.)

Throughout my life your group has been quite volatile. A number of you have come and gone, some of you I’ve all together abandoned, while some others are fairly recent additions. I suppose these changes come naturally with how I’ve evolved as a person. As I get older I’m realizing more and more what truly counts in life. I’ve been able to let go of a lot of aspirations that have turned out to be inconsequential in the greater scheme of things.

I suppose I’m not done working on you yet. Even among those of you that have already been realized, I have to keep praying and choosing to do the right things, day after day, so that I wouldn’t lose you. I also believe that as long as I’m alive, God may still reveal to me things that He’ll want me to go after, and things that I will have to give up. In the end it’s really all up to Him; I’m just waiting, and listening. So far, I can attest to how aligning myself to His will has brought me indescribable joy and peace. So no complaints here, only eagerness to seeing and grasping you all, by God’s grace and for His glory.



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