Day 4 Letter: To A Sister

Dear Sis,

It’s been more than two years since I last saw you. It’s been for a longer time, I know, that you’ve been kicking ass.

I wonder what you’re up to today. I pray you’re in no real danger. You should know that I respect and admire you for pursuing an ideology with such passion and courage, even though I do not agree with the ideology itself. Oh, that I may be equally tenacious in going after and holding fast to my own ideology, especially as Christianity is not just that, but is rather immeasurably greater, broader and life-consuming than any ideology that this world has ever had to offer.

I wish you well, and it is my fervent hope to see you again and to be a witness to the enlightenment that God will bring upon you. For I know that no one can ever change your heart and mind, save for God Himself.

I love you.

Your Ate


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