Day 3 Letter: To My (Biological) Parents

Dear Mom and Dad,

Because of you I am able to relate wholeheartedly with the comedy series, Modern Family. Oh, how I love that show.

Depending on the lens I use, I can either chronicle the life of our family as a sitcom or a soap opera. Or maybe a crazy combination of both. Thanks to you, I never had to look up “dysfunctional” in a dictionary.

Thank you for the life (in so many senses) that you’ve given me (in so many ways). The good and the bad, the hysterical laughter and the sob fests, the quiet talks and the neurotic screamaramas — I wouldn’t exchange any single one of our episodes for anything.

I love you with all of my heart. I pray you forgive me for offenses committed through all these years. I’m still learning to be a better daughter, so help me God.

You are always in my prayers. May you know the immeasurable, unconditional joy that has been possible for me only by the grace of the LORD.

Tight hugs,


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