Song #1: My favorite song

At the risk of having this entry set the tone for my 29 subsequent ones in this series, I really can’t — CAN NOT POSSIBLY — name a single favorite song. So hold your breath, I’ll instead do a bit of chronicling to capture the songs that I considered my “favorite” at some point or anothershare a couple of songs from the two opposing ends of my cheese-infected life’s (still-running) musical timeline. I’m hoping, of course, that I could get to the other songs I love in the next days.

Anyway, yup, I said cheese, and one won’t have to look further for evidence than the first song in my listthat I remember having gone rabid over: Depeche Mode’s SOMEBODY. It must’ve been “my song” for about six to eight years, until this hired DJ played it during my 18th birthday party (I had made him promise to). Only it wasn’t it, but a disco version performed by a group that I swore would suffer eternal obscurity because of that atrocious offense!

When Almost Famous came out I discovered (so belatedly) Elton John’s TINY DANCERS. I loved the movie and the song so much I was into a hippie mode for a couple of years.

And speaking of the 60s, don’t even get me started with the Beatles!

Then we arrive at the PRESENT DAY, in which the song I enjoy listening to the most is Magnificent Obsession by Steven Curtis Chapman. Writing this now, it just occurred to me how these two songs reflect how I’ve evolved as a person. My adolescent yearning for an object of romance has been replaced by a constant prayer to love the LORD with all my heart, mind, soul and strength, to fix my eyes on Him and to offer my life and all that I do and have to Him alone.

I bet you didn’t expect this post to turn into a discussion on faith. Or to end so suddenly.


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