Day 1 Letter: To My Best Friend

Finally mustered the determination to undertake this 30-day letter series.


My best friend,

You carry me through the toughest of times;

Encourage me when I’m scared shitless;

Comfort me when I’m so sad I contemplate getting hit by a truck;

Hear me when I cry out to you in agony;

Patiently wait for me when I take so long to get it;

Extend your hand even as I refuse to surrender my battles to you;

Shower me with your mercies in spite of my disobedience;

Remain faithful although I easily turn my back to you and forget;

Pull me out of every slimy pit that I get myself into;

Grant me grace even when I proudly insist on depending on myself;

Offer me redemption though I’m a rotten repeat offender;

Love me to the point of death that I may be dead to sin;

Give me a new life that I can’t ever earn for myself;

Show me a vision of eternal joy in your presence.

A better friend this world will never know, and every day of my life I will thank and praise You.

All my love,



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