oh, the agony!

Just need to jot down some thoughts regarding this project:

1. I really want to write a novel, or a screenplay, but I seem not to have enough imagination to “invent” a story. I can’t even really invent a character; everything I’m coming up with is based on a person or a juxtaposition of people I actually know. Similarly, pages I’ve written so far have all been loosely based on my own experiences.

2. My fear of getting too real for comfort may just be my biggest stumbling block here. Will I be able to let go of my restraint just enough to give this a shot?

3. I want this to reflect my thoughts, or the way I think and process things. And my wit, assuming it’s not imagined.

4. I want this to be inspirational but real. Not in the same sense as I’ve discussed in earlier points, but real as in relate-able and offering no artificial hope or consolation or feel-good fillers. And no sap.

5. I want this to be funny because I’d like to think I’m funny. When I was still blogging it came naturally to me to inject humor into my personal stories. For this project, though, I’m afraid I got off to a very serious start. Hmm…Must insert jokes into that abandonment scene and that marital crisis scene. No problemo.

6. The previous item has led me to consider writing a series of essays instead. That’s actually the genre I’m most comfortable with, but…I really, really want to write a novel/screenplay!!!

7. At some point I gotta stop this ranting and just get to work. I REALLY, REALLY HAVE TO STOP PROCRASTINATING. I was about to add, “Tomorrow!” but that joke has ceased being funny since my realization that I’ve been failing to get rid of this rotten habit (along with my love affair with run-on/overly long sentences, as you would agree if you haven’t died yet trying to read this sentence aloud) for a good couple of decades now.

I’m done ventilating for now.


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