my protagonist: some improvements and additions to character details (a.k.a. character questionnaire 6)

I went over my previous character questionnaire posts and (inspired by last night’s re-viewing of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, as well as by recent events in real life) thought this was a good time to get to know my protagonist just a wee bit more deeply.

• Does she have a secret? She has several. First, she has never gotten over her dream to be a ballerina. Second, she’s really bad at managing money, and always ends up in debt. Third, she finds it difficult to resist any form of gambling. Fourth, she’s a chronic liar.

Questions courtesy of French author Marcel Proust:

• What does she consider her greatest achievement? She feels that her greatest achievement was raising her younger siblings practically on her own since her single mom died when she was fifteen.

• What is her idea of perfect happiness? Her idea of happiness consists of winning battles and living a life of great significance: overcoming evil, triumphing over obstacles (be it people, things, systems, organizations or situations), doing something that is deemed important, making a big contribution to society, and being acknowledged by all who know her.

• What is her current state of mind? She’s going crazy as she realizes that she’s running out of battles to fight, and that there are more and more things that she cannot control especially in her personal life.


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