I’m Not Rappaport

We caught the movie, I’m Not Rappaport mid-point on cable this weekend. We’d never heard of it till then, but minutes into watching, we could tell that this must’ve originally been a play. (True enough, I later learned that it was a Tony award-winning hit long before it got to the screen). We were supposed to rush to a party but we couldn’t quite tear our eyes and our ears off the tv set; the writing was just so good! The conversations were sharp and insightful, alternately hilarious and  poignant, all together wit-filled and memorable.

Some quotes:

Clara Gelber: Everybody else got a two wheeler when they turned ten, I got a paperback copy of Das Kapital.

Nat: Lies, not lies – alternatives. Sometimes the truth doesn’t quite fit.

Nat: I was one person for the first eighty years. Why not a hundred for the next five?

Nat: One more word, and I’ll make a citizen’s arrest for crimes against the language.

Midge: Lord, I asked for help, and you send me a weird Commie blind man.

Nat: Who needs sight; we have vision.

Nat: It’s the system. Two years old, you stand up. Seventy years later, you fall down again.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to write like this?


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