work in progress

Trying to progress a bit with my story details. Will this be a short story? novel? script for a play? movie?



  • Product of teenage pregnancy
    • Teenage couple in college cafeteria. Boy’s point of view. Girl reveals pregnancy.
      • Big thought bubble
  • Has an absenteeAbandoned by father
    • Tiny apartment, baby crying
      • Teenage dad’s internal tumult
    • Sound of shower in the background. Dad packing, looks at six year-old daughter toddler. Leaves letter on bed, kisses toddler daughter on the forehead. Leaves house quietly.
  • Unconventionally troubled teen — seems to do well but cries in silence a lot
  • Has self esteem issues
  • Becomes an activist
  • Marries, honeymoon stage ends too soon
  • Separates, gets into an affair
  • Reconciles with her husband
  • Reconciles with her father

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