I started writing a novel a couple of years back. Or maybe it’s a screenplay, I don’t really know yet. The way I wrote the first few pages had it inclined to becoming a novel, or a short story at the very least.


It centers on a girl/woman, with the story told from the points of view of the different men in her life: father, friend, lover(s), even casual acquaintances and possibly strangers on whom this girl has had an impact, knowingly or unknowingly. The narrative is not linear. A number of times two or more of the men become part of the same scene, of which they come up with different versions.

Maybe the heroine’s own thoughts remain hidden throughout the narrative — I haven’t really decided yet. What’s her story? Some ideas:

  • Product of teenage pregnancy
  • Has an absentee Abandoned by father when she was 6
  • Unconventionally troubled teen — seems to do well but cries in silence a lot
  • Has self esteem issues
  • Becomes an activist
  • Marries, honeymoon stage ends too soon
  • Separates, gets into an affair
  • Reconciles with her husband
  • Reconciles with her father

Now that I’m writing them down my ideas seem quite tacky. Oh well. I think I’m entitled to suck in my first few attempts. Let’s see where this goes.


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